Monday, September 13, 2010

Quick look at my own rifle

I don't have a rifle of my own.  I know, it's a hard world.  I've built two for myself - the first built long ago I became disgusted with and disassembled for parts, and the second I sold, but it was a .58 caliber and I felt like I was feeding a cannon after a while.

So I am building a rifle for myself that is not for sale, period.  It's related to the Brass Barreled Rifle, famed in song and story, and a gun that I at first thought was just weird looking but now cannot get enough of.  "I look at it long and long," as the poet says.

The castings are my own work, from my own wooden masters.  Chambers Early Ketland lock.  Simple brass box with a single silver disc in it.  Don't ask me why - it just seemed right at the moment.  I'm going to stain it with asphaltum and will probably finish it with beeswax and turpentine - a really tough finish, for all weather use in hard conditions.  I'll post more photos when it's done.

Seen here in the buff, with no buttpiece on.  I just like the way the architecture looks in this shot.  I think we're gonna be good friends.

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